In order to fully serve our bands and artists with their needs regarding a digital release, we started this digital label. Our philosophy is to take bands and performers as much work as possible out of their hands so that they can concentrate on making music.

As a band or artist, it is important that you gather the right partners to try and achieve a higher level in the music industry. We are that partner, together we will ensure that you get the right attention you deserve, get the right tools to work with and put your brand on the right market.

Because we work closely with Profane Records and work with into the limelight Records Pt78 Records and Wayland Management we have been given the opportunity to approach the music industry differently. Traditional record companies hardly exist anymore, they also developed a new way of working but there is also a disadvantage here, it is even more difficult to get a record deal nowadays.”

A record deal is just as important for bands and artists as it used to be, but these deals nowadays look very different from those in the past and that is precisely the reason why we started this company. We provide you and your band with endless possibilities and variations on our platform and hope in this way to make a record deal more accessible to many more artists and bands. We are convinced that you don’t have to be a Metallica, U2 or Justin Beeber just to sign a record deal!!!

 As stated above: as a label we can offer everything that a band needs to make a step forward because we have a professional back office in the Netherlands, these driven people understand the music industry. With all our roster bands we have agreed the same way of working in a contract for 1 year, which of course includes promotion and press releases up to 1000/5000 media contacts worldwide. 

The packages that we deliver are very complete and if you miss something in that, I would like to hear from you so that we can negotiate further. SUBMIT YOUR DEMO